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Fundraiser Raffle program for Clubs, Groups, Non-Profits

Great for organizations with a limited starting budget.

This program makes raffling a firearm easy and headache free by costing very little up front and streamlining the process.

Choose the firearm for your raffle (We can help you with that). If we don't have it in stock we can order it.

Put a small down payment on the purchase and we will provide information on the firearm for your tickets, flyers and advertisements.

Sell your tickets, and pay the remaining balance for the firearm anytime before drawing the winner.

Give the winner our card, and they can pick up the firearm from us after filling out the proper paperwork and completing an instant background check.

The organization never has to handle, store or deal with the firearm other than the initial ordering process.

We can, if desired, bring the firearm to the raffle event to display. However, the transaction must be completed at our location.

If for some reason the winner does not pass a background check, we will offer them the wholesale price minus a restocking fee of 15%.